Pedophilia and School Teachers

How We Can Protect Our Children

This is a brutal crime of crimes and unfortunately has so many ramifications that its disastrous consequences often are not felt for many years until the victim has grown older.

For many adults it is difficult to understand that school teachers could ever inflict such obscene behavior on a child.

Always be alert to anything that may be bothering a child!

Therefore when the child reports the infraction the school teachers often dismiss the child as being offensive in their charges and the child is often punished for reporting the incident.

This leaves the child with conflicting feelings about the perpetrator who may inflict even greater suffering on the young victim as a consequence of reporting the incident.

Victims of sexual crimes no matter the age or gender are often treated with such coldness that one has to wonder at the humanity of the adults present.

The stigma of being a sex abuse victim often leads to further invasiveness by unsympathetic young people as well as adults.

The victim will often lead a life of sexual shame, prostitution, become a pedophile themselves or commit suicide if they are not treated for the depression that may follow up adding more salt to the wound.

Listen to your friends if they say something!

A friend of mine, who will remain anonymous, was brutally abused as a child: six months of age in fact up to her teenage years.

when she got married her husband started abusing her on the night of the honeymoon.

Her self esteem was so destroyed it did not dawn on her to leave him and find help elsewhere.

Later she developed associative identity disorder.

The long-term results…

In plain English this means she is traumatized by her own mind with numerous personalities invading her consciousness repeatedly.

In a five minute conversation she could switch numerous times.

Then at other times she would be fine. Her outlets were writing short stories, beautiful poetry and painting.

Her paintings were beautiful, vivid and simple, yet highly revealing of her trauma.

My prayers go to her daily and always. God bless my wee friend.

Another Sexual Assault Case-Study:

Another friend was sexually abused by a sister when he was a teenager but being so quiet he did not know how to draw away because his emptiness was so real.

This infraction into his psyche has caused untold damages to him being unable to have suitable relationships with women always finding running to be preferable to not being able to relate with lovely interesting women.

The scars on his body from self mutilation stand testament to his pain but the scars visible through his eyes stand as a witness to what happens when selfish people take advantage of others.

While he is relegated to psychiatric care his sister is oblivious to the damages she has caused living a grand life but still tormenting whenever she can.

Sinister brutality at its best and I pray that someday he will gather the strength to confront his ghosts and be able to repair his life thus enabling him to live with peace fruition and happiness.

The above stories indicate how family can be just as dangerous as strangers in the unknown world of everyday life and unfortunately families have more power to inflict torture than strangers do.

What is wrong with a world where so much energy is focused towards sexual satisfaction without regard for others?

When one is a victim in one way there is a cloudy vacancy within the senses caused by trauma and unfortunately adds fuel to a raging inferno with even more disastrous results.

Remember school teachers are role models to the children

How to Not Get Accused of Sexual Abuse as a Teacher

Sexual abuse is the forcing of unwanted sexual behavior from one individual onto another.

It is often referred to as molestation and while it can be very serious it does not carry the same severity as sexual assault.

This is because molestation can be much more subtle and less physically violent.

Teacher being accused of molestation carries serious connotations.

As a Teacher , it is good to know the incidents falling under the sexual abuse.

By knowing the legal regulations ,you are able to avoid confrontation and protect your best interests.

Forms of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can happen in a number of situations and instances. Some of the most common forms of molestation include:

  • Exposing a child to pornography, graphic materials, or graphic experiences
  • Forceful and unwanted sexual behavior, including unwanted sexual speech or attention
  • Undesired kissing, fondling or voyeurism
  • Speaking with a child in a sexually suggestive manner or saying sexually suggestive statements to a child
  • Unwanted genital exposure
  • Using a position of power to compel sexual behavior that would otherwise be unwanted
  • Using manipulation and coercion to perform incest.

These instances are some of the most common forms of molestation.

While not as physically forceful as sexual assault, they can often cause the same levels of discomfort, pain, and emotional distress that those who have been sexually assaulted experience.

This type of crime has been around for many decades now.

How the Internet Has Increased Predators

One of the major tools is the internet.

Most pedophiles and predators find their victims online and every single child who has access to the web becomes a vulnerable target.

Who is at Risk for Sexual Abuse?

While anyone can be the victim of molestation, there are some parties that are more likely to be hurt by unwanted sexual advances than others.

Instances of molestation are more likely to happen in the following:

  • In a working or professional relationship where one party will use their power to compel an individual to get involved sexually where they otherwise would not have.
  • In a relationship where one individual will use their authority and the trust of a minor to engage in sexual activity with that underage individual.
  • With individuals who suffer from a developmental disability which some people would take advantage of.

These are just some of the more common relationships and instances where sexual abuse can occur.

Because of this continuous increase in the number of cases, accusations, and convictions, sexual abuse prevention programs have been initiated by concerned persons and groups.

These programs are created in order to raise and provide awareness and information to children and parents who want to be safe and away from sex offenders.

Unlike post-abuse treatment and therapies, prevention programs are way better in helping children have a better future ahead – safe from potential abuse.

As we all know, it is best to protect our kids and prevent abuse before it happens rather than wait for it to take place before helping the victim survive and overcome the trauma.

Teacher are role models and they should not abuse their children.

We know this is a fundamental truth that everyone should follow.


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