1. What is Jelqing?

The first key towards positive jelq results is finding out what jelqing is all about.

So many guys here about jelqing and that night they start in on the exercise, failing to perform it right or even understand what they are doing.

Jelqing for male enhancement involves bringing yourself to a semi-erect state, lubricating your member, and then proceeding to stroke your member from the base to just before the head in a slow and controlled motion.

While we can’t say if it works or not, a recent study by Dr. Ferrara showed that jelqing results are limited.

This is repeated for a number of sets and reps.

2. Jelqing warm ups.

Again, this is another missed step.

Many guys will skip jelqing warm ups and get straight to the strokes.

The warm up is a vital part of the exercise.

It simply involves placing a hot towel around your member for a few minutes.

This prepares you for the exercise.

Without warm ups you could be wasting your first 5 minutes of strokes because you simply are not warmed up.

3. Lubricate! Yes, there is such a thing as “dry jelqing” where lubrication is not needed.

But this practice is reserved for advanced trainees.

Most of us will need to apply a generous amount of water or oil based lubricant to our member so as not to make the exercise as safe and effective as possible.

4. Slow strokes.

Anywhere from 2-5 seconds per stroke.

You can probably imagine some guys going much faster, because that’s what they are used to doing when it comes to massaging their member.

But this is an exercise and we need to go slowly and control the motion throughout.

5.. Re-apply lubrication.

Many guys, especially those starting out, will need to re-apply some lubricant to themselves.

Sometimes it is a case of not putting enough on to begin with, and other times it is a case of stroking too hard or too quickly which can cause you to lose some lube.

Have some lube on hand and quickly re-apply if and when necessary.

6. Re-apply the hot towel.

This is also called the warm down, as it is essentially the same as the warm up.

Get the towel hot and apply it once again for a few minutes.

This causes relaxation and sets you up for rebuilding and growth to occur.

7. Wait for results.

Do not expect size results overnight.

Do not expect size results in a few days or even a week.

Be patient as jelq results generally take several weeks.

You may noticed increases within a few weeks, but generally the size you are after will take at least a few months.

Alternate hands.

When you have stroked up with hand, repeat with the other in the same slow and controlled fashion.

However you choose to learn the jelqing technique, always keep safety in mind and understand that results do take time.

Many guys fail at jelqing due to impatience or not being consistent enough.

Jelqing is the exercise which guys have been doing in order to increase penis size.

There are dozens upon dozens of ways to jelq.