12679862395_d5853074ed_kSciREN is a non-profit organization founded and led by graduate students that connects educators and researchers. The strength of the network builds on the passion of educators and researchers, the generosity of sponsors, and the commitment of the SciREN administrative teams. The Scientific Research and Education Network (SciREN) aims to connect local STEM researchers and educators to foster the dissemination of current research and ultimately enhance the science literacy of today’s youth. Our goals are to 1) Establish a lasting network of researchers and educators, 2) Facilitate cooperation and collaboration between members of the network, 3) Bring current research and researchers into local communities and classrooms, and 4) Support researchers in developing broader impacts, strengthening outreach efforts, and improving communication skills.

SciREN aims to achieve our goals and mission through annual networking events and lesson plan workshops. The networking events bring researchers and teachers to the table for face-to-face interaction and exchange of ideas and materials. The lesson plan workshops help researchers translate their work into classroom-ready exercises that meet state and national standards.

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For more information and to register for our SciREN Coast event,  which is held in the winter/spring, please see our SciREN Coast page.

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The SciREN Triangle event is held in the Fall at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh. For more information, please see our SciREN Triangle page.

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The SciREN Georgia event is held in the Spring at the Sandy Creek Nature Center in Athens. For more information, please see our SciREN Georgia page.

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The SciREN Greenville event is held in the Fall at GO-Science in Greenville, NC. For more information, please see our SciREN Greenville page.

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