How We Can Protect Our Children This is a brutal crime of crimes and unfortunately has so many ramifications that its disastrous consequences often are not felt for many years until the victim has grown older. For many adults it is difficult to understand that school teachers could ever inflict such obscene behavior on a child. Always be alert to anything that may be bothering a child! You always have to be alert and report any abuse. Therefore when the child reports the infraction the school teachers often dismiss the child as being offensive in their charges and the child is often punished for reportingRead More →

Sexual abuse is the forcing of unwanted sexual behavior from one individual onto another. It is often referred to as molestation and while it can be very serious it does not carry the same severity as sexual assault. This is because molestation can be much more subtle and less physically violent. Teacher being accused of molestation carries serious connotations. Especially with the recent ones with the Catholic Church. As a Teacher , it is good to know the incidents falling under the sexual abuse. By knowing the legal regulations ,you are able to avoid confrontation and protect your best interests. Forms of Sexual Abuse SexualRead More →